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It’s not easy, but it’s never easy. It’s about what you can challenge yourself to do and your own goals. It’s brilliant!

Programme: Shape Up

Member Name: Natalie

What inspired you to join Train With Adby?

Stressed and a bit low (I used to be really active and just stopped exercising) I was challenged by a friend to get a personal trainer and start exercising again. That’s what inspired me to find these guys online, read their reviews and start training with them.


What were your goals?

I joined to get fit, lose weight and sort my head out really, to start feeling more positive and get rid of some stress and tension. 


Was it tough at the start?

It was really tough to start off with, I wont lie, just starting to do exercise again form nothing, but it was amazing. I lost fat really quickly and started to get a lot fitter. 


My outlook was really positive, started feeling much better about myself and about life in general I suppose. Sounds a bit deep and meaningful really but thats basically what happened! Then over time I got a lot stronger and more consistent with my exercise. So it’s not that I just feel good after sessions, it’s actually become a lot more about my general well being, I feel a lot more positive as a result to training.


The group spirit has a huge impact, I recently move to Manchester, didn’t no that many people, this has helped me me make new friends, everyone comes in cheers each other on. There no where that you can go, and meet someone new within 10 minutes where you’re sweating its each other, swearing with each other and helping each other out, then all of a sudden you have this amazing new group of friends who cheer each other on and support each other.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining?

I would say try it out, be yourself, chat with people, make friends and keep coming back and you will feel the results and the difference.