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I am still loving every minute of Train With Adby. I am not snacking but am quite happy to go for a meal over the weekend and have a few drinks – I make much more sensible choices. It’s not difficult, it comes easy for me now.

Programme: Shape Up

Member Name: Miriam

What inspired you to join Train With Adby?

Clothes were getting tighter and tighter and I said to my husband I need some new trousers for work and he said, “we don’t know how big you’re going to get”. It was pretty harsh but it was the wake up I needed to get off my bum.


Why Train With Adby?

I first met the lads 7 years ago in a commercial gym and I got good results back then. I had been following their Facebook page for a while thinking about it and looking at progress photos and said “I want a piece of that”.


Did you go the gym before Train With Adby?

Yes but I was completely kidding myself. I was going about 5-6 times a week and do 10 minutes on the cross trainer then go home and eat packets of crisps! haha.


What makes Train With Adby so different?

The fact the guys are so invested in your results makes a huge difference, they actually do care!


Describe your results

My physique has changed massively, I never thought I would look at toned as I do. I’m not embarrassed to wear a bikini, I’ve got abs popping out and I’ve got guns I never thought I’d have. Now my goals have shifted to performance and just getting better and better.

I’ve gained so much more than just gym goals. I am more confident in my working life, have less stress, sleep better and simple daily habits have changed massively.