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Just do it!

Liz - Train With Adby Transformation

Programme: Fit & Lean

Member Name: Liz

How did you hear around Train With Adby?

A friend sent me a picture of a Train With Adby transformation. The results were just amazing! I took a look at the Facebook page and thought yup that’s for me.


What was your reason for joining Train With Adby?

I was getting married and really want to look my best, I had tried gyms but I just lacked motivation and needed to be inspired and helped along the way. I was pretty nervous but after getting in touch with one of the coaches (Jon), I felt at ease and ready to go for it! 


Describe the results?

The results were brilliant! They didn’t happen over night but taking regular pictures spurred me on and seeing the gym weights get heavier and my weight dropping felt amazing! I felt more confident and loved the way my body was taking shape.


What do you love most about Train With Adby?

There’s lots of things I love about the gym but perhaps the biggest is how friendly and supportive everyone is, such a good group of people. The couching is second to none also, so you always feel comfortable and confident in every exercise you do. 


What would you say to someone thinking about joining?

Just do it! I was nervous, I thought I’d be all alone going by myself and wouldn’t be able to do anything but it just wasn’t true!