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Emma B

I couldn’t even do one press ups when I first started, now I can do well over 20!

Programme: Shape Up

Member Name: Emma B

What inspired you to join Train With Adby?

My lack of exercise and healthy eating started catching up with my after I had my son. I noticed I had put on weight around my stomach and wanted to feel and look better.


What results did you see?

I lost body fat around my stomach and toned up quickly. The coaching team were really helpful, giving me lots of encouragement, coaching and support to continually improve. 


What do you love most about Train With Adby?

I love the workouts, the feeling you get after every workout and the team. The social element of group training allowed me to work hard and have fun! 


What would you say to someone thinking about joining the team?

Finding a gym that showed me a new world to exercise in, which I didn’t think was out there. It has changed my life and I would advise anyone who is struggling with their health or fitness, to go for it!