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Clare K

Before starting at Train With Adby I had never lifted weights before and didn’t know what I was doing.

Programme: Shape Up

Member Name: Clare K

What inspired you to join Train With Adby?

I was looking to get back into exercising and to get fit again after having two children. 


What were your goals?

I wanted try something new and someone I knew who was already training with you recommended I joined a two week shape up trial.


What results did you see?

I saw and felt the results quite quickly. Feeling fitter, having more energy and getting toned.

My defining moment was being able to do chin ups unassisted which I could never of dreamt about doing before Train With Adby.


What do you love most about Train With Adby?

The coaching team were always on hand to offer advice and keep me motivated. Being at the gym was fun and everyone was so supportive. 


What would you say to someone thinking about joining the team?

DO IT! It’s not intimidating, you get the help and support you need and they make exercise fun!