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The results are amazing! I’ve lost the tyre around my belly, and I feel more confident, healthier and happier thanks to Train With Adby.

Programme: Shape Up

Member Name: Charlotte

What inspired you to join Train With Adby?

Being overweight, sluggish and not making the most of my time. I had no energy to do anything and felt a bit self conscious.


Why Train With Adby?

I saw them online, it looked good and they looked really friendly.


Describe the Train With Adby team

Really welcoming, fun and full of energy. Everyone is really friendly – both the trainers and the members, which helps when you walk into a gym environment.


What results did you see?

I’ve got a really busy job, quite stressful with long hours, so when you come here it’s great to let that go and destress. I’ve lost two dress sizes, am loads more confident and overall feel much healthier.