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Just go for it, you have nothing to lose – you will only feel better! Even if you feel that you’re so unfit you can’t possibly come back from it – you can!

Programme: Shape Up

Member Name: Anna

What were your goals at the beginning? 

I’ve got quite a busy job, two young children and I felt like my fitness levels had reached rock bottom. I tried to do something about it myself, so I went for a run and when I realised I couldn’t run for a minute, I realised I might need a bit more help.


Why Train With Adby?

I spoke to Jon on the phone, and when I hung up, I thought I cant do this but when I spoke to him again I thought “you know what, I really like his attitude”, very positive – so I went for it!

I was worried that I was so unfit and that no one would be able to help me but Jon made me feel like he would be able to do something to help me.


How did your first session go?

I did my first session with Eddie, I walked away from that feeling really positive, it was definitely going to make a difference, until I got to the stairs! HAHA!


What did you do in your first session?

We had a chat first about my lifestyle, current exercise history and what my goals were. Then my first workout was really an assessment session, to see where I was at, what I can and can’t do.


Now you’re fitter, would you say your kids are getting a big impact from that?

Defiantly, I’m getting them out more, doing more things in the park and have more confidence to try new things with them. We’ve been hiking and climbing – things that if my friends asked me before, I would of backed out of them.


What results have you seen so far?

So far I’ve lost a stone and a half, dropped two dress sizes, inches are gone which is good! I feel better, so that’s the biggest thing, I feel happy now within myself.


Now tell us about what you do at the gym?

I moved on to lifting heavier weights, it’s really addictive being able to lift something you couldn’t lift a week weeks ago. It’s really rewarding!


Did you ever think you would be learning how to squat, bench and deadlift?

I didn’t even know what they were! I’d never heard those words in my life.