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Programme: More Muscle

Member Name: Andy

What inspired you to join Train With Adby?

After having my son I put a bit of weight on and thought it was time to hit the gym to get some of the weight off.


Describe the coaching team?

Love them, it made a big difference. The guys are all great and it’s a nice atmosphere to train in – really good fun. 


Have you experienced this type of training before?

No, I’ve only ever been in commercial gyms so this is the first time I’ve joined something like this.


Describe the support from the coaching team

It’s the complete package, they tell you what to eat, how to exercise, they consistently change the workout routines to give you different programmes. 


Does the training help reduce stress?

I have a pretty full on job so it is definitely a stress release for me. Coming here three times a week really does help me get the stress out of my day job.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining?

I’d say if you have been to commercial gyms and you haven’t got what you wanted or you just spend your time on a treadmill, give this a go because it’s totally different and the results speak for themselves.