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I feel fitter, stronger and happier than I’ve ever been!

Programme: More Muscle

Member Name: Adam

Why did you join Train With Adby?
Prior to starting to Train With Adby I hadn’t been doing any exercise. I had number of footballing injuries which meant I couldn’t really do much, so when I applied to I was looking for anything to help me out! I really didn’t think these guys who would be able to help me but I was proven wrong, they took on the challenge and have completely revolutionised the way I train.

Its the whole package really, it not just the exercises, it’s about being part of something. You feel part of the team, which I never had when attending a normal gym where you are basically left to fend for yourself. At Train With Adby you really do feel looked after and it’s like you’re part of a family. All the advice you get is fantastic and you are never left with any doubts in terms of what you should be doing and when you should be doing it.

When I started I would of considered myself overweight – and never really had any results from previous gyms, but here I’ve managed to see physical differences in just 6 weeks. I have gained muscle tone and lost weight. I went from a 36 inch waist to to 30.