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Fit & Lean

Lose inches and drop body fat!


If you are a beginner or desperate to get back to your best following a long break from exercise or injury – this course is for you! Become a Fit & Lean graduate and this will be the last time you will ever have to “start over again”, showing you how to exercise, get fit, drop body fat and create a transformation – for life!


12 weeks of training with us that also includes up to 36 group coaching sessions.

Lose inches, get fitter, leaner and back to your best in just 12 weeks.

Suitable for beginners or anyone who is returning to exercise from a long break.

Huge timetable to select your workouts from.


Nutrition guide to help speed up your results.

Over 30 meals to choose from designed by us and our nutritionist.

Learn how to reach your goals without banning food or drinks that you enjoy.

Access to our monthly nutrition group chats.


Never miss a workout again with our easy to use booking system.

Select training times that fit in with your lifestyle.

Be healthier, more energised and more confident in 12 weeks.

We will teach you how to get fast, long term results that fit around your work, family and hobbies.


Private access to our online Facebook support group.

Our coaching team are always here to answer any questions.

Regular checks-ins and reviews with our coaching team to monitor progress.

We are with you every step of the way throughout your transformation.


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