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Our Story

Jon and Eddie Adby


We both started out as Fitness Apprentices and quickly progressed up the fitness ladder to qualified Fitness Instructors and then Freelance Personal Trainers before finally joining forces in 2014 as Train With Adby.


After identifying the struggles most members of commercial gyms were having, we decided to team up and create a gym that delivers the ultimate fitness experience. Our small group training sessions allow clients to take advantage of a personal training session every single workout. We keep the motivation and quality of every workout high, and we have progress tracking and support tools in place to ensure clients are always making progress and achieving amazing results.


We are proud of all we have achieved and take great pleasure in being able to say that Train With Adby are now transforming lives with our energy, coaching sessions, nutrition help and support.

Helping people work hard, to believe in themselves and to achieve their goals is something we have done ever since we left school. Our motivation and passion for helping people reach their full potential is something, we feel, we were born to do.

For the love of football


Alongside our personal training and fitness coaching we are both qualified football coaches. This started out as local volunteer coaching for Stockport County Ladies, Stockport Town and Inter Cheadle JFC.


Over the past ten years Jon has worked partly in America coaching for the Dutch Soccer Academy and Eddie has covered China, Japan and Portugal coaching for Manchester United Soccer Schools.

Eddie and Jon Adby
Eddie and Jon Adby
Eddie and Jon Adby